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Monday, 12 May 2008

Fit at Heckler and Koch demo

Various FIT officers were spotted in Nottingham on 6th Mayat a demo against Heckler and Koch (see here for details), including our increasingly well-travelled friend, Ian Skivens (CO5494). What is it Ian? Is harassing people in London just not enough for you anymore?
Other officers spotted included a new one to Fitwatch - PC 4551, Paul Mather, from Staffordshire. Welcome to Fitwatch, Paul.

PC 4551 - Paul Mather

Paul and Ian. What a lovely couple...


Anonymous said...

Well done the Fit and welcome 'Paul'

Really Fit said...

The link to more info doesn't work - at least it didn't when I tried it. There is an Indymedia article on surveillance at H&K here:

pc comment said...

PC Comment here.

I have just read the Indymedia report,( Yes I am annoying them also!) It seems the protesters are having a go at 'The Observer' Any whooo H&K make damn fine hardwear and we use them to take down baddies......Why do you protest at a little company trying to get on in the world. Supply and demand people, supply and demand.

Evey said...

To PC Comment:
In 2005, police used a H&K assault rifle to kill unarmed man Azelle Rodney with six shots to the face, head, neck and chest. Two months later, special forces soldiers armed with H&K assault weapons were in the police team that killed Jean Charles de Menezes. In the 2006 Forest Gate raid, a policeman shot an innocent member of the public with a H&K submachine gun.

Is that what you mean by "taking down the baddies"?

Arming the police with ever-more powerful guns is a danger to the public. The only winners in the arms race between police and criminals are the arms dealers like H&K, which is one more reason for shutting them down.

As for referring to H&K as "a little company trying to get on in the world": H&K is a multinational corporation - the world's second-largest manufacturer of handguns, assault rifles and submachine guns. Millions of H&K weapons are in use in around 100 countries, and are estimated to have caused 1.5 million deaths, most of them civilians. I'd say they're getting on in the world - a little too well.

The full report on the demo - including some footage of police stalking protesters after the demo - is available on the NottsAntiMilitarism blog.

pc comment said...

Pc Comment. Strap in, we are going to need a biger boat. Where do you get your info from about SF. Grape vine no doubt. Forest Gate- the officer has justifed it. I agree a strong anti gun message is needed,get the guns off the kids/criminals and naughty people but do you really think Old Bill just go round shooting on a whim ? I wont do the normal"Why dont you put on a uniform" but I cant be arsed to write it.....

Alastair said...

The arms trade is sick. Full. Stop. Those things have no place in our lives. There are alternatives. Cops have guns so they can dominate a situation psychologically. Give them stickynet guns and other new disabling devices, train them how to use them. That's more than adequate for dealing with violent people, unless what you are really trying to do is intimidate in the old fascist doctrine of 'do as you are told'. That RWA mindset has no place in the contemporary world.

Evey said...

PC Comment - where did I get my info about special forces involvement in the de Menezes shooting? Read the papers mate:
Military attachments in the police surveillance teams were even mentioned in the IPCC report Stockwell One, so don't imply that I'm just talking hearsay without checking first, copper.