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Monday, 28 April 2008

PC Bacon at Anti War March

After cross referencing some of the photos sent to us from the anti war march, I have discovered that the non met cop in attendance was PC Bacon (1222) from Cambridge.

Other links to his pictures are:

FIT in Cardiff

Met Copper Ian Skivens (top pic, on the right with the blue bib) appears to have been given the job of rolling out the use of FIT tactics on a national basis. He often pops up at demos across the country working with local cop evidence gatherers.

That suggests there is going to be a much greater use of FIT tactics across the country - and an even greater need for a Fitwatch response.

It has been suggested at Fitwatch meetings that people should think about organising Fitwatch when planning an event in the same way they might think about organising publicity or legal support.

The point of fitwatch, as has been said elsewhere, is that you do it yourself. But I am sure bloggers would be happy to help out where they could. Organising workshops maybe, or using this blog to publicise events where fitwatching would be useful. Suggestions welcome.

Pictures with numbers and where possible names of FIT and Evidence gatherers always welcome. Mail

These pics are from a demo against a military academy at St Athans (nr Cardiff) which took place on the 26th April.

Monday, 21 April 2008

Revolting London: Fitwatch against the Mayoral elections, 2 May 2008 -

"We want our city back from THE CROOKS, THE TOFFS, THE FASCISTS and THE
6pm City Hall The Queen's Walk, Tower Bridge South side of the river

Fitwatch will be concentrating of the cops.

As this years largest anarchist call for May time action, FIT will be
looking forward to their annual overtime following predominately
known anarchists around London.

This year we plan to make this an unpleasant and unsuccessful venture.

Fitwatch are asking people to join them employ a range of tactics to show
we will not tolerate FIT's presence on our demonstrations.

Whether you want to take photographs, make notes, physically intervene in
their activities, or whatever you feel might be effective - get involved
in an effective tactic which is aiming to make the streets safer for

Want to know more? Want to get involved? Got some ideas to share?
Come to the Tactics Sharing Gathering on 26th April at LSE.

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Fitwatch - Tactics Sharing Gathering - 26th April 2008 - 12:30

Room H216
London School of Economics
Connaught House,

What is Fitwatch?
We are tackling the use of police Forward Intelligence Teams on protests. We get
in the way of cameras, take photos and gather information on officers, and
are starting to reclaim our demonstrations from the police.

Do you want to Fitwatch?
Fitwatch is a tactic, not an organisation. Anyone can fitwatch and it can
be as confrontational or as pacific as you want. The more people who
start taking responsibility for dealing with FIT, the more chances we have
for effective protest.

Got some ideas? Want to know more?
Come to the Tactics Sharing Gathering and let's work out together how we
can kick FIT off our protests.

Whilst support and advice will be available, this is not a training day.
It is an open forum for both newcomers and experienced activists to share
ideas and experiences.

For further information on FIT and what we've done so far, see

Friday, 4 April 2008

Fitwatching at Nottingham Fossil Fools blockade

A bit of Fitwatching apparently going on at a blockade of Eon in Nottingham. Well travelled Ian Skivens from the Met was there (middle pic), along with his colleague from the Police Service of Northern Ireland (seen previously at the No Borders camp). And of course, a few wannabee FITs, Nottingham police's evidence gatherers, presumably here collecting a bit of extra footage for CO11 to add to their files.
For more info see

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

FIT on Fossil Fool's Day

Fossil Fool's Day (April 1st) was marked by People & Planet with a demo at Parliament Square.
And of course FIT were there, snapping all the students. Only one team though.
Don't think I've seen this photographer before...



Aha, a familiar face...



policing the police

I came across this article from New Internationalist magazine (1/1/2008). Thought it was quite a nice resume of what we are about...

A protestor outside Britain's Campsfield Detention Centre--where hundreds of innocent asylum seekers are incarcerated--chats on the phone to a detainee inside. He seems remarkably unperturbed by the police camera filming his every move. But the cops' intrusive presence is no joke. This year, the constant surveillance and harassment of activists by police 'Forward Intelligence Teams' (FITs) reached new heights. In the summer, exasperated campaigners set up 'FITwatch' to monitor and oppose this state-orchestrated intimidation. Turning the cops' tactics to their own advantage, FITwatch have obstructed police cameras, photographed, identified and tracked FIT members, listened in on their conversations at demonstrations, and made it all public at In November, the trial of two protestors who had been arrested for holding 'No Cameras' banners in front of a police officer who was filming people going into an anti-arms-trade planning meeting, found the activists not guilty. In Britain's increasingly Orwellian surveillance society, it looks like Big Brother finally has some healthy competition.