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Thursday, 5 June 2008

Carnival Against the Arms Trade

Wednesday 4th June, Brighton. Carnival Against the Arms Trade, tying in with the local smashEDO campaign.
I'll leave it to another fitwatcher to do a more complete write-up, but what I really do have to comment on is the really impressive fitwatcher activity at the event!

Local intelligence-gatherers CP581 EGT and CC268 EGT...
_MG_5705 _MG_5504

CM440. A Brighton favourite apparently...

Left: CSP621 and CC5484. Right: 2058 and CSP621 ...
_MG_5475 _MG_5472

Load of pics of the event, including more cop shots, here


Anonymous said...

CM440 is Brighton's very own PC Sean MacDonald who mingles in every Brighton Demo asking nosey parker questions.

see http://www.roughmusic.org.uk/rm08.html#nine

He claims to be a humble PC but refuses to show his warrant card that would confirm his rank. It is an offense for an officer not to show his warrant card on request, as he could be impersonating a police officer.

Rumour has it that he is in fact a Detective Constable (DC), a plain clothes Special Branch officer impersonating a uniformed PC as cover to watch over protesters.

fotdmike said...

Ah... that explains it then. Reason I took this particular shot (and a couple of others of him) was in response to a specific request from one of the carnivalers, who said that Brighton folk had been having hassle from him.
(Not that I needed a reason to of course... the fact he was lurking with FIT woulda been sufficient)

Anonymous said...

This is a great blog! Let's see what it feels like to the filth to to have their pictures taken, surely nothing wrong with it unless they have something to hide.

Saddleworth Moor said...

to anonymous (1)

re showing warrant card on request: do you have any more information on that?

Anonymous said...

re requirement of uniformed officers to show warrant cards see this.


Anonymous said...

the Police agreed that uniformed police officers SHOULD ( not MUST), in GENERAL CIRCUMSTANCES,( ie day to day duties- not demos) produce their warrant cards upon request by members of the public.

Karen Eliot said...

presumably on the *rare* occasions when officers *forget* to put their numbers on, they should show their card on demand *even* on demos, which given that there are something like 3,000 demonstrations in london each year could well be classed as 'day-to-day' policing.

karen eliot said...

in fact there's probably even more of a case to be made on a demo as who'd notice someone impersonating a cop when there are dozens if not hundreds about?

saddleworth moor said...

going back to that ipcc link, i see it's a hong kong site, which suggests that it has no validity in english law. which is a pity.

saddleworth moor said...

this link, while not declaring a source, seems to say that there's no reason for cops refusing to show their warrant cards: http://www.thesite.org/homelawandmoney/law/introuble/whatisawarrantcard

saddleworth moor said...

http://www.thesite.org/ homelawandmoney/ law/introuble/ whatisawarrantcard

link broken so it can be seen

pc comment said...

Pc Comment here.
Read codes of practice and PACE for a definitive answer. I am not doing all the work for you !!
Also, could you tell the difference between a real warrant card and a fake one. Would you be drawn to the shiny badge or would you actually be able to soak in the info on it whilst no doubt a little bit excited, shouting,dancing at a positive police presence. Also I am sure that some crazy protester will try and snatch, knock out of our hands our warrant card(ergo justification for not getting it out,so to speak!) and if you do that, how will we get into our canteens for a nice Bacon roll or two. What we need is little LED badges that scroll messages. Now that would be good! Phew..I need a tea!

rakhmetov said...

"re requirement of uniformed officers to show warrant cards see this.


In Hong Kong!