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Thursday, 14 August 2008

FIT (and others) at 2008 Climate Camp, Kent

Most of these were shot at the rear gate (later dubbed the "Riot Gate" by protesters), scene of so many confrontations between cops and campers.

Unfortunately I didn't manage to get off-site during the mass day of action (I and a couple of other photographers had stayed in the camp to be on hand to document any "incidents" that may have occurred whilst numbers were diminished) so not sure what FIT presence was at the various actions that happened during the day.










Anonymous said...

So what happened to the very public claims that you would shut down the power station?

princes street said...

i think you'll find that was the climate camp and not fitwatch.

Anonymous said...

arrest that man hes holding a camara o its ok hes a police officer and they are above the law.. they can knock down and mutilate people on crossroads or knock down people whilst rushing to get their tkaway home before its cold and slap on the wrist is all they get now they can photograph people video cam people and if you dare to lift a camara you get arrested? hmm who exactly is trying to make sure the "them and us" is disolved as a thing of the past certainly it sint the police force from all i`ve seen.. one wonders how long before Hope Steffy and stark county police department rules apply here o opps its already here .. o well them and us..