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Friday, 26 September 2008

Fitwatch Meeting at London Anarchist Bookfair

Kicking the Forward Intelligence Teams off our streets.

Saturday 18th October
Room EB4A
Queen Mary and Westfield College (nearest tube Mile End)

This meeting is to build on the word done by Fitwatch to counteract police repression and intimidation.

Aimed at anyone who has experienced police intimidation and wants to do something about it.


London Branch said...

The BPP have been 'politically intimidated' - does that mean we're invited?

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think your presence would liven up the meeting enormously. Do let us know if you are planning to attend.

london antifa said...

dear london branch

please do turn up! we'd be glad to see you again. it'll be good to enjoy another frank exchange of views, this time not in victoria!

Anonymous said...

Within about one minute of turning up got harrassed by two plain clothes coppers. Asking me stupid questions like what's all this about then? (after driving out of the university in an unmarked police car) etc. Wasted about 20mins of my time. Good old good cop bad cop routine thrown in for good measure too. Total cunts.
Noticed they had about a dozen names already jotted down on a bit of note paper, so I'm sure they hassled others there.