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Thursday, 6 November 2008

Fitwatch on Facebook

We now have a Fitwatch profile on Facebook.

Become our friend....


Anonymous said...

PS Comment
What will your profile photo be. We got shed loads if you come up short....

Anonymous said...

speaking of coming up short, someone must be having a laugh when they pair up cops. the number of times you'll see a little diddy cop paired with a great beanpole, or some tubby plod coupled with a stick insect makes me think there's some cunning pranksters - and the people who're having the joke played on them never seem to realise 8)

Facebook Watch said...

Fitwatch on Facebook? Why? That is a totally insane idea!

Want the FIT to know everything about you, and who you're mates with!? Might as well just let them into your house and let them thumb through your diary!

Besides, just get off Facebook! They are evil libertarian hyper-capitalist techno-futurist corporate data mining bastards, and I'm not even exaggerating when I say that.

See this article for some background on the people behind Facebook.

They are an evil bunch of tossers, and no self-respecting activist or anti-capitalist should go anywhere near their shitty site.

If you must use social networking type stuff, give Crabgrass from Riseup a go. I've heard it's pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Sort of agree, facebook watch, facebook is dodgy in the extreme. But I think the idea of a facebook presence was to help promote the call to action. Not that you need to use facebook to participate, of course.

facebook witch said...

I can't see what you're getting so worked up about, it's just a website, they're only as evil as all the other evil capitalist bastards you're relying on to even see this comment.

That Guardian article is a pisspoor liberal critique, why any self-respecting anti-capitalist would be linking to article decrying the loss of national boundaries I can only guess at.

The following correction was printed in the Guardian's Corrections and clarifications column, Wednesday January 16 2008

The US intelligence community's enthusiasm for hi-tech innovation after 9/11 and the creation of In-Q-Tel, its venture capital fund, in 1999 were anachronistically linked in the article below. Since 9/11 happened in 2001 it could not have led to the setting up of In-Q-Tel two years earlier.
That's some innovative reimagining of history they have there.

And then you suggest that activists put even more of their eggs in riseup's rickety basket? Making it all the easier to track, identify and number them? A fool's paradise.