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Monday, 30 March 2009

Rogues' Gallery

Pictures from Saturday's march.

Using the little grey cell: FH433
That's handy: SX426
Lawn and order: KD54 and KD111
I've a hunch: U5606 and U2105
The future's bright: MD862 Wesley Pritchard (minus neck brace)
It's good to talk: CO5073
Who's that man? RY240, RY124
YE11 and YE88
Follow follow: KD54 and KD111 take a stroll in the Ministry of Defence gardens
Keep 'em peeled: KD54
CW2339, CW3182
HT19, HT915
EK127, Alan Palfrey
Furtive: KD54. Note Stephen Discombe - CO2558 - lurking in background
A rare picture of CO5466, 'Laughing boy', with inspector and CO5029 Graham Wettone
D39, BS420
Chris Mattock, FH433, ZD57 Glenn Williams
RY240, RY124, BS420, D39
CW3055, HT88, and, all the way from Essex, please welcome 13
U3191, with ZD4 Joe Ross. Mind those nails!
Left to right: football fan SX426, CO5494 Ian Skivens, TW107
Billy Nomates: CW3055

I s-pie blue: CO5466 'Laughing boy', CO2558 Stephen Discombe, EK127 Alan Palfrey
Should have gone to Specsavers: HT915


Anonymous said...

maybe im missing the point but arent they pictures of normal police officers just "standing about" they dont seem particularly threatening to me

Anonymous said...

no, they are pictures of the forward intelligence team. i don't think you've quite grasped the purpose or subject of this blog.

Anonymous said...

You mean there is a purpose to this blog? Seems like a police related version of train spotting to me. Get a life!

Anonymous said...

Well said!

Anonymous said...

These men and women do not belong to British society. The belong with sturmgruppen and sonderkommando. They do need to be watched carefully for that moment when they reveal their true selves.
Whack from the back! Hit 'er quick. Bash 'im the face wiv me shield and so on...
But your hand is no longer quicker than the all-seeing eyes of the digital age. Your numbers are up....all over the net..BWAH HA HA!!
Get used to it.