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Friday, 3 July 2009

Pictures of climate camp cops

Shown below is PC's Fisher and Stabler, two of the police officers involved in the climate camp arrests of Fitwatchers. Fisher, who is distinctive in having a heavily tattooed arm, is in the front.


Anonymous said...

Was Fisher the one that refused to give his number?

FIT Watch said...

Fisher was not the cop in the video who was asked for his number.

However, he was also not wearing a number, and was the heavily tattooed cop responsible for some of the worst of the violence.

Bertie Humbug's Ranto-O-Matic said...

So your main objective from this blog is

1. Remove any semblance of privacy for Police Officers
2. Have an outlet for your hate of Police Officers.

Did I get your mission statement about right?

Anonymous said...

why do police officers deserve privacy?

Sepehr said...

In the latest Iranian protests, the Basij militia also wore balaclavas to disguise their identities. However the others had their photos taken and were posted on the Net for people to be warned against them. I suspect that a similar digital response is required here. I am in total awe of the excellent work you ladies are doing. Keep it up!! We may end up like Iran otherwise!!

Anonymous said...

Only in a tiny number of circumstances should british police be anonymous, and not in my personal opinion in matters such as these, unless to remove their anonimity would affect their human right to a private life.

Anonymous said...

This blog is in place as a response to the brutish behaviour of police personnel, some of whose pictures and names appear here. If police personnel prefer not to be exposed worldwide via this and other sites, then the answer is simple. Behave yourself. It's a brave new highly public world.

Anonymous said...

I know there are pictures on this site of officers who have not behaved in the way you describe, they were simply fit or eg officers.

Anonymous said...

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Constable Upchuck said...

What a revolting piggy thug. Mkes me want to throw up, just looking at him, all bleached hair, tattoos and little piggy eyes.

Anonymous said...

Bertie Humbug, the police are public servants, in a public role, with authority over all of us. While they operate in this public role, they lose their right to privacy, and because of the authoritative nature of their role, some of us cosinder it a good idea to document their activities in this role to ensure there's no abuse of power.

However, as this site will show you, there often is.

The police also work at removing any semblance of privacy for us, with the FIT teams photographing anyone who turns up at a protest, regardless of their actions (yes, even the press have been harrased), so why should we not return the favour? Don't forget, there's 1 CCTV camera for every 14 people in this country, we have no privacy any more, why should they?

"Who watches the watchers"? We do.