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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Mass Photography Gathering Trafalgar Square Sat 23 January, "I'm a Photographer Not A Terrorist"

There were about a thousand photographers and also a couple of hapless PCSOs attempting to detain a leafletter (she was leafletting for the No Borders CCTV for later that day), but the thousand-strong photographer pack gently accidentally on purpose closed in to record the incident in such numbers as to make pursuit impossible.

One punter reported actually seeing a cop at the Mass Photography Event, and overheard this cop talking into his radio, asking "What, withdraw completely or just hang around on the edges?"

Fancy dress ironic fake cops seemed to outnumber real cops.
Photograph copyright Matt Salusbury

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It's official - police harrasment and intimidation of peaceful protest comes from the top as The Ministry of (in)Justice classes peaceful protest alongside Al Queda.

That is why the police treat peaceful protesters as terrorists, not 'mistakes' as the cops usually claim.