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Saturday, 18 August 2007

Policing the police at Climate Camp

An Personal Account of FIT Watch

FIT Watch was set up a couple of months ago to oppose and monitor the activities of the Forward Intelligence Teams. These are cops who routinely harass and intimidate protesters (for full background see Whilst we’ve had a presence at a couple of public meetings, Climate Camp has been our first opportunity to practice our tactics in a protest situation.

And it’s been working. FIT are being made to feel uncomfortable. They’ve been forced into a reactive situation and it is empowering because we have seized the initiative.

FIT Watch can be done by anyone and can be as passive or as confrontational as you wish. Here are some tactics we have found to be effective:

  1. Holding large banners in front of photographers. This is particularly effective with double sheets on sticks which can block a camera from a distance. This is the least confrontational way of blocking photography.
  2. Taking photos of them. They really don’t like this but it isn’t illegal. With any photos it’s always good to either try and get the cop’s number in the shot, or note it down.
  3. Following the FIT. Pick a team and tail them. Turn their tactics onto them – everything time they send a text message look over their shoulder, listen to their phone conversations, look at what they’re writing in their notebooks.
  4. Watch out for group huddles, especially with senior officers and go and unobtrusively stand by them. This disrupts their briefings and there’s always the possibility you might learn some useful information.
  5. Upload any information gathered about the FIT to or email to
  6. Put yourself physically in the way of the camera men by standing constantly in front of the camera and constantly shadowing them. This has been the most confrontational tactic used so far and has therefore been the one people have been arrested for. However it has also been possible to do this without arrest.


Two people have been arrested for Obstructing the police in the course of their duty this week. They were both charged and pleaded not guilty. Any witnesses should contact

There have been many rumours as to why the FIT teams made their incursions into camp on Tuesday night. Some people say it was a response to being pissed off with FIT Watch, others that it was a test to see how we would react. Another theory is they were trying to kick something off as shown by the presence off vans of TSG and ambulances.

However they weren’t expecting the strong response from the camp and violently pushed, kicked and hit people. A combination of strength of numbers and people willing to push them back forced them off site and people felt empowered by this victory. However it was not the non violent victory reported in many places. People rightly acted in self defence and we would not have got them off site if we had simply walked towards them with our hands in the air as has been described in some places. Some people did raise their hands, but this was only after the cops had backed off the site.

FIT Watch is working, but we need more people. The next big event is DSEi and it’d be great if people carry on the FIT Watch tactics.


Capital Rules! said...

could you ask people to upload photos on a "Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.0" license as it allows it to be used on wikipedia etc.

If you could release your photos like that then it would be easier to distribute. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Little known to a lot who had attended the camp the FIT had walked on to site on both tuesday (21st aprox 2030 hrs, 3 officers) & wednesday (22nd aprox 1100 hrs, 2 officers). On both occasions they had been challenged by individuals on the camp & did leave. I personally had not understood the extent to which they intimidate protestors until I had come into personal contact with them. They seem to be trained to be highly malicious and nasty. Countering them & putting them out of action is nothing less than protecting our human rights.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should put a brief explanation about FIT and what you do at the top of the page, for the benefit of non-Brits and people who wouldn't normally do this sort of thing.

Heidi Svenson said...

Excellent idea--when we update the links page on the Notes From the Borderland web-site we'll surely add you to it. Well done!

fotdmike said...

Just spotted the August post by capital rules.
Point to note is that all the FIT- related photos I take (whether uploaded here or not) are also uploaded to either Flickr or Picasa and are covered by a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-NoDerivs licence which basically means anyone can use them for non-profit purposes providing they include a credit of some sort.

Anonymous said...

Geeks! ! Get a life, or job or a hobby, do you really think that those "Tactics" are effective. grow up!

Hopper said...

I think your games are pathetic. You think you are somehow clever, trying to disrupt the police actiivities and make a nuisance of yourselves. Why don't you do something useful? How about joining the police - show some REAL commitment, make a REAL difference to this country rather than be some pathetic wannabe anarchist. Might mean you have to get up early sometimes, and be told what to do...Hmm maybe not then.