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Thursday, 30 August 2007

Officer LX365 - Ian Skivens was in attendance at a small demo outside the St. Athan RAF and army base in Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales on thursday august 23rd, along with a photographer friend from Staffordshire police force. Activists from the "Stop St. Athan Murder Academy" coalition, which aims to stop the British military academy from being developed in the small town of St. Athan, stood outside one of the current bases gates with banners and placards as a photo opportunity to launch the campaign. When asked what he was doing such a long way from home, popular FIT watch pin up Ian Skivens said he was there to check out how other UK forces deal with protests or 'public order' situations. While he didn't seem to mind activists taking lots of photos of him, his photographer friend was more camera shy.


Anonymous said...

We think the number for the photographer was 4551. Helpfully, none of us actually managed to write this down and it wasn't very clear in the photos. anyone seen this guy before?

Anonymous said...

Oh Yes!

Go to any animal rights national event and he is there with his big KODAK camera!

I first spotted him at a demo at Newchurch guinea pig farm about 4 years ago, then at Oxford (SPEAK national demos - all so far over the last 2 or so years) and Sequani animal torture lab in Herefordshire.

He also stars in the main article pic on

Anonymous said...

Ian Skivens was present with a NETCU photographer at the SPEAK 'free felix' national demo in Oxford Sat 1st Sept 07.

His face looked drawn and miserable as ever.

Anonymous said...

his number was definitely 4551 I got a shot of it... which various people should have ;-)

Anonymous said...

Staffordshire phtotgrapher was present at the G8 anti terrorism summit in Sheffield last year,(as was Skivens) again was reluctant to have his photo taken and was very aggressive towards anyone that tried..

pics to follow

Mather Watch said...

The police cameraman pictured here is Paul Andrew Mather from Stafforshire Police.

He works for the "Environmental Protest Unit".