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Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Antifascist demo, London, Feb '08

Sorry folks but didn't get any really useful pics from this. Was using a new lens and hadn't quite sussed out the optimum camera settings, so ended up with a load of pics that were completely useless. Plus, because the participants didn't know me they were a bit iffy about me taking pics.

Interesting observation though... FIT-types were there (saw a couple of very familiar faces) but not in usual garb... just dressed as normal cops.

The other coupla pics I'm publishing can be viewed (if anyone's interested) at this Flickr set.


Anonymous said...

The cop hiding in a doorway taking a picture could almost be considered covert surveillance. Covert surveillance, unlike the normal FIT stuff, has to comply with RIPA, and this undoubtedly wouldn't. Maybe the picture is misleading and this police were being their usual overt selves, but it is something to bear in mind.
And again a copper taking pictures - what happened to the old civilian photographers?

Anonymous said...

Covert picture taking whilst in uniform and in broad day light you tit!

martin doherty said...

Two things stand out from the photos published:

1) it's a cop! as opposed to a hireling. As noted above, where's the civvy?

2) where's the accompanying cops? He looks a bit alone with all that expensive camera gear...

martin doherty said...

Isn't that Laughing Boy CO5466?