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Monday, 28 January 2008

Police March FIT pics

Update to my last post... now sorted through all the pics and extracted those with clear shots of numbers. Not quite as many as I would have liked (originally had quite a few more, but they weren't FIT!)...

CO 2558
CO 5090
CO 5466
SX 32

You can see them all here

Fitwatchers are of course welcome to use them.


mark sully said...

Wasn't Sgt Wet one out on the day?

doris said...

I dont see the victory in placing some quite mundane photographs of the police on a website. You seem to have lost sight of whatever your real cause is and who your real adversaries are....

fighting fit said...

Oh Doris. Most of us involved in Fitwatch have been involved in political campaigns of varying sorts, in some cases for many years. Fitwatch was born out of a deep frustration that all forms of political activism and action have been stamped on by increasingly controlling and repressive governments, who seem to think that freedom of choice is about deciding whether to buy McDonalds or Burgerking.
Instructed by the politicians (of all brands) the police have systematically clamped down on political protest. All political protest. Their job is to ensure that such protest that exists is ineffectual and easy to ignore. And that big protests that truly challenge the state are made a thing of the past. No more anti-capitalist demos, poll tax riots, RTS parties.
This affects all of us - no matter what our 'cause' is. The 'real adversaries' of all meaningful change are the overpaid, uniformed bully boys we post up upon this site.

And yeah, Sgt Wet One was definitely out on the day.

Bad Apple said...

The best thing was the sound of 22,000 chuckles as the march passed the Fitwatch mini demo being sat on by the MET.

payris said...

bad apple

if there were 22,000 chuckles on the march as you passed the class war banners, you kept them very very quiet. there were no members of the public out to support you - though tony benn turned out, as did the bnp mayoral candidate. hardly a rousing demonstration with not a single chant just a load of people wearing embarassingly misspelt baseball caps.