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Friday, 9 January 2009

eyewitness accounts from last Saturday's protest

Not my account, but one I came across on indymedia portraying the FIT team as being cool, calm, collected and in control. No, not really. The picture was entitled, 'FIT run for their cowardly lives'.

"I was surprised and like everyone, greatly cheered by the tannoy announcement urging everyone to march onto the Israeli embassy after the speeches. I'd love to know if the police were actually expecting this announcement or not as this is where they seemed underprepared for the numbers of protesters on the streets. Thousands of mostly Muslim youth were at this time trying to run fast along Pall Mall and only a few dozen cops were ahead and desperately trying to form a line across the street to slow and hold them up. A few of the youth just weren't prepared to tolerate this and started lobbing traffic cones and placards at the flimsy line and the cops really started losing it at this stage by lashing out and snatch arresting people. A wonderfully cheering sight was to see all the FIT team looking really scared and running totally paniced away from the crowd!"
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Anonymous said...

Perhaps it is because most people have not fought for civil rights that so many are seemingly so willing let them be taken away