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Thursday, 22 January 2009

Sergeant's Exam part 48: Firebombing

Spot the odd one out.
UNRWA School Bombing © Daoud El-Issa
UNRWA School Bombing © Daoud El-Issa
Whitechapel Starbucks after the alleged 'petrol bomb' attack


Pyramid Scheme said...

Starbucks has not managed to plague the streets of Gaza yet....

Anonymous said...

Nice post.

Metcountymounty said...

nice to see Hamas have shown their true colours yet again and done themselves a REALLY big favour by breaking the ceasefire and blowing up an Israeli border patrol. But hey, it'll be Israels fault (again) when they go back in to kill the fighters, destroy the ammo dumps and motor base plates hidden in civilian areas and amongst the populous. Then when people over here engage in more 'militant protest' and smash up our cities because they think they can get away with it, you guys can defend them and glorify their actions. Again.

Lurch said...

'smash up our cities'? wtf are you on, mcm? having seen the pictures of gaza on the tv recently you've seen what a smashed up place looks like. get a life, mcm, a couple of broken windows is fuck all.

Metcountymounty said...

Lurch, if you think for one second that all we'll get over here is just a couple of smashed windows (and someone nearly burned to death) if we just leave the kind of fuckwits who have attended the demos supporting Hamas over the last couple of weeks to have carte blanche over london, you're dreaming. Unless you've attended every single one over the last couple of weeks then I seriously doubt you've seen the number of people who gladly express exactly the same mentality and hatred that Hamas have.

bentham said...

It's revealing that you've chosen to only mention the Israeli death as a breach of the Hamas ceasefire, and show no concern over Israel killing three Palestinians since declaring their own, including an 11 year old girl on the first day.

Even according to the impartial humanitarians at the BBC, Israel has continued artillery and naval shelling into Gaza.

Where is your evidence of "ammo dumps and motor base plates hidden in civilian areas and amongst the populous"? Can you cite a primary source, or do you swallow Hasbara whole?

"Unless you've attended every single one over the last couple of weeks then I seriously doubt you've seen the number of people who gladly express exactly the same mentality and hatred that Hamas have."

I've attended a number of them, and there's been a lot of righteous anger from protesters, some of it justifiably directed at the police since the first demonstration at the embassy was attacked on 28th December, as was the second on the 29th.

But the hatred on display has all been coming from the BNP-in-blue, consistently referring to all Brown-skinned protesters from rowdy youths to meek pensionsers as "the scum", warning white people who they mistake for decent people going about their normal business not to enter barrier pens as "you might be attacked", then calling them "race traitors" when they turn out to be protesters.

Every time Israel rains fire on a food warehouse, a school, a hospital, you guys will defend them and glorify their actions. So long as it's the brown kids doing the dying, you'll be happy to tag along.

Metcountymounty said...

"death to the Kaffur" "Ummah shields for Gaza" "behead the non-believers" "kill those who insult Islam" "burn London to the ground" "bomb the whites in their homes and schools" "burn the children of the Kaffur in their beds" "Hamas will bring the west to it's knees" "7/7 heros will be reborn"

After five weeks of listening to that shit, don't try and tell me the Police started it by stopping some of them getting to the embassy.

Lurch said...

to my mind it's rather curious that you heard all that and no one in the media seems to have picked up on it.

Lurch said...

certainly i didn't hear anything like that, and i was keeping my ears out for stuff like that.

Metcountymounty said...

BOLLOCKS!!! Especially the one from paddington green to Hyde park corner. EVERY single march has had anything between a few hundred to a few thousand shouting that shite.

bentham said...

Ah, so you're actually talking about Hizb-Ut-Tahrir.

Odd that you describe them as having the same mentality as Hamas.

Even stranger that you claim they've been the ones engaged in 'militant protest'.

And an outright lie to say that anybody here has a good word to say about them. They're as racist as the police.

Metcountymounty said...

Funnily enough Bentham, the same people who went to that one have been going to every other one, they're all being held at the same place!

The racist Police argument to try and counter something is a bit of a cliche isn't it? you have no idea what my ethnic background or experience is and saying that all the Police are racist just because a couple of bigoted twats got in and keep their mouths shut (or not) is about as valid as proclaiming any large organisation must be institutionally racist or sexist because a couple of people who do/have worked there are.

Lurch said...

i thought that lord macpherson had said the met was institutionally racist, and the recent series of allegations of racism in the met by cops suggests that all's not dandy in the mps garden.

Metcountymounty said...

yep, and Trevor Phillips said a couple of weeks ago that after ten years of dealing with the changes recommended by the MacPherson report they now weren't, and all of the allegations from senior officers have been withdrawn or dismissed, but lets set that one aside for the moment.... The point of the institutional racism moniker was that it was the organisation that failed by virtue of the fact that maximum efforts had not been made to fully integrate all communities at all levels, NOT that the people were individually guilty of racism. If you read the report (and I have) there is not one iota of evidence of any individual in the Stephen Lawrence enquiry or investigation being guilty of any form of racism. As usual that part was glazed over by the media and all of a sudden we were all branded as racists just by being Police officers irrespective of ethnic background or previous working history. I have absolutely no doubt that there are still police officers who are racist and if they are stupid enough to say or do anything along those lines and they'll be screwed, and rightly so. That said, I see racism every single fucking day, by members of the public towards us and each other and I've seen and heard more racist and sexist comments in tesco or the co-op just going to the shops than I've ever heard in the Police. If every company was subject to the type of restrictions and scrutiny that we are then they would lose tens of thousands of people over night. But don't let that stop the cliches coming thick and fast, by any means.

Anonymous said...


given all that i suppose you won't want to read the runnymede trust report which concludes that the police remain institutionally racist. you can read the bbc report here:
which links to the runnymede trust