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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Questions to answer

Outside City Hall today was a man who should have been inside, helping the Met Police Authority with their enquiries. Here seen on the right, PC Alan Palfrey, EK127, who appears to have witnessed the incident immediately preceding Ian Tomlinson's death, was not in the chamber, but rather watching demonstrators outside City Hall, along with the copper formerly known as 'Laughing Boy,' CO5466 Cowlin. He's not laughing now. But then who would, when paired with a man with as dubious a sense of humour as Alan Palfrey.


Polly S Mann said...

It looks like Cowlin has switched back to 5466.

I wonder if the reason Palfrey misses out a thin line in the middle of his chin when he shaves is because of some sort of vision defect. Perhaps he doesn't realise. Someone needs to tell him, it looks really stupid.

His email is

Nesta Makhno said...

Palfrey was also lurking in the background when Nicola Fisher was assaulted outside the Bank of England on 2 April.

If you look at the picture of the numberless officer lashing out in the Evening Standard of 17/4/09 (p.4) Palfrey is grinning like a Cheshire Cat in the background.

I am sure the IPCC have received a full written report from Palfrey, as he appears to have been witness to a crime.

Over to you Alan!

ObeseVegan said...

Cheers for CO5466 Cowlin I had a pic of him but couldn't ID he's very shy isn't he :)


Charles Veitch said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

"I pointed my megaphone at his face and shouted "

And you and cant think why he might not want to shake your hand!? lol. Bloody hell, i can only image the moaning that would go on if the police did that to you!!

jonsparta said...

Yeah, i was thinking would you shout in a member of the public walking down the street. I dont think you have the right to shout until a person ear drums hurt. Protest without noise, that would be something, i have been on a few protest and often wonder who you shouting at. The police arent listening, most members of the public are trying to get from or too work, so they dont care....

Charles Veitch said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Charles Veitch said...

Jonsparta, you best be trolling! I deleted my original comment because I said something nasty about a Policeman with whom I had an altercation.
Since you're the first peson to complain about the megaphone (Palfrey not included) please elaborate. I'm open to suggestions. A silent protest has much less power. Why didn't you come up to me and make your thoughts known at the protests where I bothered you so much? You know who I am but I can't even check your profile on blogger because you have it on private?!

I can only imagine we're both on the same side as we're commenting on Fitwatch, but you've left me with a bit of a bad taste in my mouth, and thinking that perhaps you may be a bit of an asshole too. Yes, that's what I taste: asshole.

Love and peace to all you party-pooping git. See you at the next protest, you'd better come up and say hi.
Charlie xx