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Friday, 7 August 2009

IPCC publish report into assault on woman at G20

The report says not very much apart from reiterating the HMIC recommendations that there should be, on demonstations:

o No surprises – Protestors and public should be made aware of
likely police action in order to make informed decisions.
o A release plan to allow vulnerable or distressed persons or those
inadvertently caught up in the police containment to exit.
o A review of current public order training.

It also recommends the use by police of "portable matrix information boards with large-scale displays to assist communication."

And emphasised the Home Affairs Committee ruling that there is 'no excuse' for police to use containment on peaceful protesters.


Anonymous said...

The suggestion to use message boards is funny considering the use of banners was recommended by ACPO 25 years ago.

"There is a real opportunity for lessons to be learnt here", if only the Met weren't so thick, they'd have learnt them already.

Anonymous said...

Q/ What do you say to a woman with two black eyes ?

A/ You don't need to say anything, you've told her twice already.

Anonymous said...

You do need to arrest her for resisting arrest, assaulting a police officer or a public order offence though.

Wily Sid said...

it'll be fun finding out which richmond level 2 cop was among those who whacked that unfortunate woman who complained to the ipcc.

Anonymous said...

why does it matter which one it was?

Really Fit said...

The IPCC is apparently not going to investigate which officer it was at the request of the complainant.

It doesn't matter really - although it would be quite nice to know.

jonsparta said...

There is a real opportunity for lessons to be learnt here", if only the Met weren't so thick, they'd have learnt them already.

07 August 2009 04:56

lol. Yep, there is the MET way and there is the police way...

Anonymous said...

Lessons to be learnt, i think not.
How many incidents have there been to date where we hear the same old generic lessons to be learnt line spewed out of NSY deliverd of course with the sincerity of an apologetic banker.
It really is about time that these matters were sorted once and for all instead of waiting for the next bout of injuries death and complaints to come around once again.
It appears the aim of the exercise in this case had little or nothing to do with clearing a road more to do with giving those who dared to protest a good kicking.
Sooner or later powers to contain are going to very difficult for police to use due to controls and restrictions placed upon them, when they reall do need to use those powers they might find they have shot themselves in the foot with the continued perception of abuse of the current powers.

Anonymous said...

Personally I think the police should act in the way the public are demanding. Then give it a few years and there will likely be a return to the damage and destruction seen on the May Day protests at the turn of the century. Then the public will demand something else, for a few years, tis the way of policing, its like a see saw.

Anonymous said...

I see the same old statements being made time after time after time.
Those pesky demonstrators will cause mayhem and untold damage if not kettled blah blah blah.
To be honewst those kind of staements are nothing more than an uneducated smoke screen pathetically trying to avoid the real point and cuase of concern.

Look at climate camp, it was a self imposed kettle, they didnt want to move were perfectly happy where they were, the issue was dispersal and violence that surrounded it.
Kettle isnt the problem its the violence that occurs when trying to empty the kettle.
The sooner it is recognised that members of the public with something to protest about and those affected by current tactics (appproved or otherwise) dont take too kindly to being assualted, injured and killed the quicker matters will be subject to sensible debate.

Ben Aldin said...

There is no doubt that the crimes committed by the police on 1 April 2009 in London constitute a frontal attack on the right of free assembly in Britain. Every effort should be made to publicise and explain these crimes both in Britain and internationally.

See the following Esperanto account.