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Saturday, 1 September 2007

A legal observer at the climate camp has sent the following message:
While trapped in a bubble I asked the cop in the attached pic to identify himself 10 times. He refused. I was very keen to identify him due to the large number of people who had pointed him out to me as a cop who had been involved in a number of incidents with protesters. Later we got his number : U8523.

Could you post the pic and ask anyone who was involved in an incident with him to make a statement and email it to
There is also a picture of SCD43 with two colleagues. All 3 were operating as a unit throughout the day on Sunday 19th August at Climate Camp. SCD43 was not displaying visible numbers for the duration of the day (but did display them on request). I don't have the numbers of the other two unfortunately.


Anonymous said...

'SCD43' does not identify an individual, it is the Met department that the photographers work for, police photographers in London do not have numbers as they are not cops.

Anonymous said...

SCD stands for 'specialist crime directorate'. These directorates cover a host of things including gun crime, child abuse, and includes the flying squad (didn't know they still existed!)
I'm assuming our men in SCD 43 are a subdivision of the forensic dept, which is SCD 4. But there seems very little info anywhere about what they do and how they are supposed to operate. It seems a very different role somehow from photographing murder victims...

Anonymous said...

SCD4 (3) is SERIS = Specialist Evidence Recovery and Imaging Services which "provides a number of services to the MPS. A centralised duty office manages all photographic requests and subsequent deployment. The office oversees the attendance of all the relevant officers to all major crime scenes, terrorist events, public order and CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear) incidents."