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Tuesday, 4 September 2007

FIT names and numbers

Here is a compiled list of names and numbers of FIT team. Please add anymore new ones to the list (and if someone has time to match some of the new ones here with photos, that'd be great!!)

A825 Paul

BS76 Matt Twist

CD139 Aaron King
CD149 Spinks

CO390 Mills
CO617 Dave O’Neil
CO906 Ben Wilcock
CO996 Sulley
CO2558 Steve Discombe

CO5099 Mark Carroll
CO5475 R. Enderby

CX193 Davies

EK136 Pilling
EK149 Collins

FF273 Feeney
FF 462 Stuart Ford

FH222 Northway

GD 525 John Abbott
GD590 Pacey

HX 38 Zaffer Mughal

LX100 Nigel Lyons
LX365 Ian Skivens

MD187 Jeremy Hunt
MD862 Pritchard

N1111 Stephen Webber

PY78 Warne

QK332 Riddick
QK451 Bailey

RG 253 Bartlett
RG 294 Buckwell
RG306 Knowles

TW431 Michael White

WW261 Louise Bolding
WW 353 Lange
WW489 Catherine A Smith

XB255 Phil

YR477 Tom
YR496 Foreman


am i a bodyfascist? said...

slightly off topic, just in case you didn't know yet:

'Police to use helmet cams to record public order incidents',,2124282,00.html

btw found this on the 4wardever forum: is campaigning against the shamingly high death in custody toll in the uk. every year, the last sat in oct, the do a protest march in london, and could use a little support by everybody, cause usually except the friends and relatives of the victims, no one seems bothering ...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

What about police photographers? Are they all SCD43? If so how are you supposed to identify them when they assault you??