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Thursday, 13 September 2007

New Fitwatch Spotter Card


Anonymous said...

Just found this site and - yay! - brilliant! Sick and fed up of being harrassed by cop-clickers and glad to see their actions being confronted. Well done everyone who set up the site and who've submitted pics so far. x

Annie Citizen said...

Found one of these FITwatch spotter cards at the No Borders Camp and it gave me a much needed laugh, after being "stalked" for three days by the pesky bastards - going into the camp, going out of the camp, getting on the coach for the demo, on the demo, getting off the coach at the camp again...they're worse than the sodding paparazzi.

Anonymous said...

the reason you people are snapped is because of your previous actions towards innocent people. grow up. snapping the cops won't make any difference

Emily said...

Would the previous poster like to explain which "previous actions" they are referring to?

Snapping the cops is making a difference - as is blocking their cameras, following them, disrupting their huddles, listening to their phone calls - basically doing everything they've been doing to us for years.

I don't care whether people think my previous actions warrant what the FIT team has done to me over the years. I do care about watching them drive another person to the point of breakdown. I do care that people don't attend meetings because of their presence.

After years of harassment and intimidation, we are fighting back and we are having an impact.