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Tuesday, 9 October 2007

FIT at Stop the War march

Saw a few new faces/numbers at the Stop the War march in London yesterday (Monday 8th). As there's quite a few pics (16) thought it probably easier to upload them to a dedicated album rather than overburden this page. So they're here.

Will update the "DataTrak" spreadsheet later on (hopefully this evening).


Anonymous said...

FIT made another appearance at the Afghanistan memorial demo on Sunday. they were:

A467 (cameraman)

all in City of London gear.

- r

Anonymous said...

Ugly gits they were too

Anonymous said...

there were a few familiar faces at the London anti-war demo 15th oct.

i got a few close-up of them and they seemed not fussed...

i think one had no numbers on - not sure.

i could send over the pics if there's a 15 oct topic started.

Anonymous said...

JI842 is definately fit, love to have a closer look at her uniform!