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Sunday, 7 October 2007

XB91 was on FIT duty with our old friend Steve Discombe at a recent demo in Crawley. For someone who works for the FIT, XB91 is surprisingly intolerant of having his picture taken. Within twenty minutes or so of being followed and photographed he had reacted with surprising violence. He had shoved, shouted, threatened arrest and twice tried to pull my camera from my hand. The ‘red mist’ effect was so noticeable that his commanding officer had to pull him off street duty.

So, XB91, it’s not nice, is it, being constantly photographed and followed around? Having no privacy, no space to make a phone call or have a conversation that isn’t being listened to?

The difference is that activists are often subjected to this type of harassment not just for a few minutes, but for hours and sometimes days at a time. And if we react with even a hint of the violent behaviour you used, we’d be arrested and facing section 4 and assault charges.

So, XB91, here’s a deal. We recognise that it isn’t a nice experience, being placed under ‘surveillance’. So I’ll leave you alone in future – as long as FIT extends the same courtesy to us political activists. I’ll be keenly awaiting your response…

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