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Thursday, 4 October 2007

Travels with his camera - 1818

This cop from South Yorkshire Police must be the most travelled of the FIT, having been spotted in Nottingham at Heckler & Koch, Oxford at SPEAK demos, across London for Climate Camp, DSEi and No Borders Camp, and now here at Faslane on 1st October with his new friend (2235) from the Police Service of Northern Ireland (aka RUC) who was also with him in Crawley for the No Borders march.


am i a bodyfascist? said...

just stumbled over these which i didn't recall, so just in case:
Fit Team vs the Grey Bloc. http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2005/09/324157.html

Anonymous said...

On DataTrak you have officer 2235 listed as Met when he is actually from NI.

fotdmike said...

Thanx for that - DataTrak now amended. But - s'cuse me for being a bit thick - what's NI?

fotdmike said...

Re "bodyfascist's" comment... Nope, that link doesn't work. Any alternatives?

Anonymous said...

Northern Ireland. As it states in the main article, this guy is from the remnants of the RUC, that refuge of orange order thuggery now renamed PSNI (police service of Northern Ireland) to reflect the fact that they now have better social diversity (apparently). They are now just as happy to kick down the doors of protestant homes as they are of catholic homes. Or so they say.

Anonymous said...

HE was in Cambridge protecting banks


Busy boy.