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Monday, 28 April 2008

FIT in Cardiff

Met Copper Ian Skivens (top pic, on the right with the blue bib) appears to have been given the job of rolling out the use of FIT tactics on a national basis. He often pops up at demos across the country working with local cop evidence gatherers.

That suggests there is going to be a much greater use of FIT tactics across the country - and an even greater need for a Fitwatch response.

It has been suggested at Fitwatch meetings that people should think about organising Fitwatch when planning an event in the same way they might think about organising publicity or legal support.

The point of fitwatch, as has been said elsewhere, is that you do it yourself. But I am sure bloggers would be happy to help out where they could. Organising workshops maybe, or using this blog to publicise events where fitwatching would be useful. Suggestions welcome.

Pictures with numbers and where possible names of FIT and Evidence gatherers always welcome. Mail

These pics are from a demo against a military academy at St Athans (nr Cardiff) which took place on the 26th April.

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