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Monday, 21 April 2008

Revolting London: Fitwatch against the Mayoral elections, 2 May 2008 -

"We want our city back from THE CROOKS, THE TOFFS, THE FASCISTS and THE
6pm City Hall The Queen's Walk, Tower Bridge South side of the river

Fitwatch will be concentrating of the cops.

As this years largest anarchist call for May time action, FIT will be
looking forward to their annual overtime following predominately
known anarchists around London.

This year we plan to make this an unpleasant and unsuccessful venture.

Fitwatch are asking people to join them employ a range of tactics to show
we will not tolerate FIT's presence on our demonstrations.

Whether you want to take photographs, make notes, physically intervene in
their activities, or whatever you feel might be effective - get involved
in an effective tactic which is aiming to make the streets safer for

Want to know more? Want to get involved? Got some ideas to share?
Come to the Tactics Sharing Gathering on 26th April at LSE.


Realy Fit said...

Sorry, but this has now been cancelled due to lack of interest from so called Fitwatch members/supporters.

FIT Watch said...

How boring - our spammer's back.

No, this hasn't been cancelled.

Don't believe posts by people who can't spell and who aren't logged in.

pc comment said...

PC Comment here. Thats right. Really fit you are naughty. FITWATCH are starting to turn me. I feel the force.

Anonymous said...

Reading the PC comments, still it must give you kicks pretending it's an integration part of pretend police work.

What was that police demo last few months ago about? Hmm let's seeAsking for a payrise? Hmmm. Let me see Pretend Police work = Payrise.

Nope sorry you are not getting it.