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Tuesday, 1 April 2008

FIT on Fossil Fool's Day

Fossil Fool's Day (April 1st) was marked by People & Planet with a demo at Parliament Square.
And of course FIT were there, snapping all the students. Only one team though.
Don't think I've seen this photographer before...



Aha, a familiar face...




David said...

There was also a fit team at the E On blockade in Nottingham, as shown in pictures
by Tash [alan lodge]
, including CO 4954.

Looks like some people may have been about to start fitwatching.

David said...

Sorry, that should have been CO 5494.

fotdmike said...

The Parliament Square demo was a very fluffy affair and my impression was that the organisers (People & Planet) had been liaising fairly closely with the cops.
Consequently I was quite surprised to see any FIT there at all... a sign maybe of just how far their remit has been extended!

fotdmike said...

Tash has also uploaded a number of good FIT photos to his Flickr photostream. Check out flickr.com/photos/tash/2383390225 and adjacent ones for example.

Pc comment said...

Pc comment here. These photos seem a bit'Shaky' anyone would think 'Lex Luteher, criminal mastermind' was involved! (codes darlin' !)

on a tea break said...

top photo: cop seems to be wearing a 'headcam' albeit on his chest; third photo down: shy cop seems to have forgotten his numbers. this is a distressing trend, especially among the younger members of the fit (i'm thinking especially of yts boy).

fotdmike said...

Third pic down... last time I saw this guy (as far as I remember) was at '07 Climate Camp.

Fancies himself as a bit of a wit... happened to be passing him just as Big Ben was striking the hour, whereupon he looks at me and asks the time.
Which really just demonstrates the arrogance that goes with the uniform.

fotdmike said...

"on a tea break": I'll check that top photo again in the original size to see if I can confirm that.

fotdmike said...

Re cop apparently wearing head cam... no. Checked the original and it looks more like a radio mic.

Pc comment said...

Pc comment here.
It is called a 'whaaa!' It is a police tradition. Where were you at the torch thingy. There were countless numbers of us FIT but no FITWATCH, very sad, I had new tactics to use.