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Thursday, 20 March 2008

Are you Redwatch in disguise? FITwatch at the STWC demo

It seems that the FIT are on the back foot these days: they were defensive and camera shy on Saturday, and less responsive to our taunts and jeers. Their confidence must have dwindled. They also didn't get much support from the other marchers this time: it seems now their 'legitimacy' is being questioned by more and more people. They did however get protected by the STWC stewards. A particular highlight came chasing Photographer Neil Williams through the demonstration just by calling his name, taunting him and taking his photograph. Apparently, this was scary enough to make him return to the safety of the pack of FIT outside the demonstration; perhaps next time he'll think twice about entering the crowd all alone. Doing FITwatch might sound like something that takes a lot of nerve, perhaps only for the 'seasoned activist' – but in fact it feels much less scary than ignoring the FIT; knowing they're there without confronting them, pretending to each other and ourselves that they don't affect us. They do affect us, and they will continue to do so unless we stop them. That's a much more scary prospect than doing a bit of FITwatch. Doing to them what they do to us feels like taking some power back. Particularly when, like on Saturday, they show that they feel vulnerable too. And FITwatch must be doing something right – the ludicrous charges given the FITwatchers who were nicked suggests (see that they are desperately trying to find a charge that will succeed in court – following the difficulties they are facing using 'obstruction' in the ongoing FITwatch trial (see

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