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Monday, 24 March 2008

FIT at Whipsnade Zoo

FIT-types at the Bedford Animal Action demo at Whipsnade Zoo (Dunstable) on Easter Monday to mark Zoo Awareness Day.




_MG_4651 _MG_4652



Anonymous said...

More like FAT watch. Hohoho.

Keep up the good work FITwatchers, it is appreciated and sparking off ideas around the country.


Anonymous said...

An investigation has been launched following the disappearance of a quantity of pies from Whipsnade Zoo.

fotdmike said...

It certainly seems to me that the fourth one down (on the left but more particularly on the righ) has a distinctly porcine appearance!

Anonymous said...

oh dear... I don't usually like to pass comment on physical appearance, but What Mingers!

Pc comment said...

Pc comment here. I will be talking to my rotund work mate about calorie intake. You fit watchers may need a wide angle lens!