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Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Shell to Sea campaign demo, London, St Patrick's Day

"Shell to Sea" campaign demo in London, St Patrick's Day (Monday 17th March).
Started off at 1100 at Shell's UK head office then later moved on to the Hilton Tower Bridge Hotel where some Shell bigwigs were gathered.

Only spotted a couple of FIT-types outside Shell's offices, and they were being very coy. Whenever they saw my camera pointed in their direction they either turned away or hid behind people, lamp-posts, or whatever was nearby. Consequently wasn't able to get many facial pics, and no numbers (again). Sorry.
One of the disadvantages of having largish cameras perhaps. Too easily spotted. Or a good deterrent maybe?
However, after an hour or so of this they seemed to give up and disappear... nor did I see them reappear at the Hotel demo though I was keeping an eagle eye out for them.

Apparently at least one of the campaign's other photographers was also taking shots of them when opportunity allowed.






1 comment:

bentham said...

Looks like CO5466 and CO2558 Steve Discombe with the camera.