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Monday, 24 March 2008

FIT at Free Tibet March

Tibetans protesting in London recently must have been very reassured by the presence of FIT photographers.

There are stories of the Chinese embassy refusing visas to Tibetans spotted on demos, but of course we can be sure that no photographs taken by the Mets finest would be used for such a purpose as that.

Well we would be, except there appears to be no regulation, transparency or any accountability relating to what happens to these pictures after they become the property of CO11. Nobody knows what use they are put to, how they are stored and processed, or who has access to them. Reassuring, eh?

These pictures were taken from Indymedia. See
Cheers to whoever took the photos.

Btw - The photographer is Neil Banks, the cop hiding his face is Steve Discombe. I sort of recognise the others, but can't quite put names to them. Readers of this blog may know better. The indymedia article said that at least two of them were not displaying numbers.


easyV said...

Well, that's a bit disturbing.

bentham said...

Not the same photographer previously ID'd as Neil Banks here.

Bottom right is Sergeant Graham Wettone - CO5029.

Anonymous said...

in the picture with the gravedigger, the cop on the left is 862MD Pritchard.

Anonymous said...

I think the cop on the left in the middle picture was outside climate camp 07 possibly during one of the fitwatchers getting nicked. He had fashionable facial hair and bleached highlights then. bit of a prat

Anonymous said...

Yes, that's MD862 Pritchard

pc comment said...

Pc comment here. He has designer stubble and highlights because he used to be a pro dancer!

Anonymous said...

MD862 had sex with one of my friends, she said he was awesome!!!!

Lynn Kepp said...

as easyv says at the top, well that's a bit disturbing.