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Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Fit Up the Cops: It's Pay Back Time

January 23rd
meet 9:30 - Tyburn Pub - Edgware Road (nearest tube Marble Arch).

On January 23rd, the police will be marching through London demandinghigher pay.

Present will be violent trouble makers and threats to publicorder, including veterans from J18, Mayday and G8.

Fit Watch are determined that this small minority will not wreck havocthrough Central London.
We will therefore be providing an overtsurveillance presence with the aim of deterring anti social behaviour.

The cops have been violently crushing our struggles for years. They areviolent thugs who don’t deserve any money, let alone more money.

Let’s show they’re not welcome on our streets.


Anonymous said...

Cops deserve their money for dealing with the people like you. You'd soon be on the phone if your house was burgled or bike/car stolen, or your benefit was stolen you hypocrite, and don’t say you wouldn’t.
It's a shame you don't any effort into really helping society. Help pay back all the benefit you get.

Dill said...

it is surely the duty of i and other responsible citizens to ensure that this bunch of miscreants dont get out of hand, we cant expect the police to police themselves can we, i mean they'ed only give themselves promotion or kill thier grandmothers. Personally i'm looking forward to hearing the scummers on the march calling thier collegues on duty scabs

Anonymous said...

Cant wait to see you there, confronting 15,000 pissed off cops. I give you less than 5 minutes.

Anonymous said...

You lot are so funny. You 'rage against the machine' - but in reality you act in the very manner you berate the polce for - just read some of the moronic coments posted by some of the mentally impotent people on this blog: 'FIT Watch can be done by anyone and doesn't have to be confrontational(although this really pisses them off), and it can be a lot of fun' can you even hope to be taken seriously? I saw your protests in the summer on TV and you are no different to football hooligans - always looking to start trouble and then look around for someone ellse to blame. You're all just so childish and you definately do not have any popular public support.

Anonymous said...

I give them 2 minutes before idiots that right these posts run away saying they have been assualted.... You lot make normal moral people shake there heads in disgust. Get a job and help out society instead of 'Fitting up the cops' and its 'Police Constables'

Anonymous said...

Not all cops are the ones who police protests/riots e.t.c. What about the ones who attend your house after it's been burgled? The ones who locate and bring to justice the pyscho who has just raped your girlfriend (using the DNA database you so despise.) What about the ones who attend car accidents, or dive into rivers to save people from drowning, the ones who arrest the group of hooded yobs that have just smashed an elderly person's window?

You guys are hyprocritical scum, you've never experienced the problems or troubles that the rest of us have at the hands of the total scumbags that maraude the streets, with the police the only ones able to do anything about it.

AR Cops said...

Indeed, just in case I get burgled tonight, I am going to allow the cops to install CCTV in my bedroom so they can watch me at all times.

As for the DNA DB, bollocks. How many people who have DNA on file have actually committed a crime that was identified because of a DNA sample.

"Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one." Benjamin Franklin

Anonymous said...

love fitwatch site. what a great insight into the minds of of the "can work, won't work" crew. [i can only take time to read it as i have retired after a full working/tax paying life]but it still never fails to amaze me how many knuckle draggers there still are in our society. keep the site going though, it provides many of us with terrific entertainment. as to the police pay dispute, give them what they were promised at arbitration. i am sure the likes of DILL, if he could be bothered to find a job would like to get any pay increase he had been promised and i am sure he will manage to screw the social security out of every penny he does not deserve. power to every working class person and for the rest, here is free advice... GET A JOB LOSER.

Anonymous said...

meet in tyburn pub !!!! where are you unemployable lot going to get cash to buy a pint? oops sorry, of course you can mug an old lady while the cops are busy. take a good look at yourselves, you give retards a bad name.

Anonymous said...

To ARCOPS, countless offenders of all types have been located and brought to justice because of DNA that is in the database. You're under the misguided impression that any cops left after your revolution can solve crimes by being just like Sherlock Holmes. Bollocks, the DNA and fingerprint databases help solve cases, end of.

Although, I've just thought of a much more useful database. A database of everyone like yourselves who thinks they can do a better job of surviving in the modern world without police around. Whenever you ring up to report a crime, or call 999 asking for police to save you from being beaten up as you hand out socialist worker magazines you will be given a recorded message telling you to fuck off and solve the crime yourself.

Anonymous said...

Where were you? - eh? - I said where were you! 'Class War' were there in numbers (er.....six of them I think!)

Well you really showed everyone today didn't you. Come on 'dill' 'ar cops' et al - WHERE WERE YOU? 'cos you weren't in central London. What a bunch of pathetic wasters.

Dill said...

typical innit i mean you wait around for five hours for the rapid response squad to attend the assult you've phoned in and what happens? 1000 blue blazerd bovver boys turn up at once. Still i hope they all enjoyed thier liddle tantrum in london today, judging by the girth on most of them the exercise has probably done them good, immagine if they got thier pay rise, the run on doughnuts would refloat the us economy

Dill said...

oh and incase the met forget i and others pay thier wages and quite frankly i dont think i get value for money

Anonymous said...

Dill, you don't get value for money because the cops in London are always too busy dragging your ass off a runway or cutting the chains you've put around a tree.

According to the BBC only a couple of anti-police protestors turned up anyway, and they got heckled back to the squat they came from

Anonymous said...

Dill - if it's you that pays our wages then can we have our back dated money now please?

(so sad not to see you there today - hope to see you soon)

Dill said...

whats this turning into? bored bobby blog!!! go out and do some work instead of wasting our hard paid for resources on twiddling on yer staitions blackberry

Anonymous said...

Oh dear - judging by some of the comments, it looks like a bunch of coppers have found the fitwacth site and don't like hearing the realities of how many people perceive them. Ha ha - it's funny to see how irate it makes them... I myself am not claiming benefits, but doing so would be 1000 times more preferable than being an arrogant copper on a power trip deluding myself that by blindly following orders I'm 'contributing more to society than those scrounging hippies'.

E. McKenna said...

It's interesting to see how many of these brave bobbies won't even make up a pseudonym - or can't. But it's rather dull to see the same old shit trotted out - the 'get a job' wank is somewhat passe. One of the reasons for the low CW turnout yesterday is that so many of us DO have jobs! Not all of us can get the time off we'd desire.

As for us lasting '5 minutes' - we lasted a fuck of a lot longer than that, all the way through the most boring march it's ever been my misfortune to witness, as a participant or a counter-demonstrator. I would have thought that after policing so many demos the police would have some conception about how this demonstrating bit was done. I was much mistaken.

And I've been gobsmacked by the claims that the filth have a degree of public support. Do they fuck! If there was any public support for the cops then there would have been some members of the public on the march. That there weren't, that police UNISON branches didn't turn out to show their sympathy, and that the PCSOs we're told get on so well with their sworn colleagues weren't there either - all this speaks to a lack of solidarity within the police family and a chasm between police views of reality and what's outside their little bubble.

But cheer up lads, has-been aristo Tony Wedgwood Benn's on your side.

Anonymous said...

boring lying arseholes..mckenna and diil... do they really think that we believe they actually work!!! mckenna makes a quote about all the protests he has attended. wot kind of fucking job does this arsewipe have? and NO the "get a job" quote is not so passe... it just gets up your snotty little noses when real people remind you are waster scum.
get a job!! [some fucking chance]

e. mckenna said...

How do the anonymous plod posting here manage to police inner city communities with any degree of consent, when it's clear that they consider anyone on benefits 'waster scum'? How do they expect to deal with people irl if they can't accept that it isn't just people on benefits who believe them beneath contempt - but also the people who unwittingly serve them in shops, restaurants, pubs, garages, libraries and elsewhere in society?

Threatening people with a big stick doesn't instil respect or admiration. And if the police were in any way doing what they're already paid shitloads for, crime would presumably be falling.

Dill said...

ooh anonymous, so much anger and inner turmoil, it is disturbing to think that whilst the citizens of this country would like to praise you for maintaining impartiality and representing the balance of best evidence, you actually are quite a nasty shit.
hmm 'a noncy mouse' fits quite well.
any way i'm bored of bobby baiting its far too easy and none of you really have much to say bar the squat lazy hippie stuff, is that still in your cadet handbooks?
and when will you get it through your tit shaped helmeted heads that you should not be so rude to your employers, oh fuck it, whats the point, your fired we dont need you

Anonymous said...

qote from ill "you really are a nasty piece of shit".. cheers mate. after reading the bile you spew out i am really chuffed to have got right under your spotty skin. as for myself and presumably other hard working normal people not having much to say...get a fucking over some of the infantile drivel you churn out unceasingly. r u sure u have a job?

Anonymous said...

> scum, get a job, not "normal moral
> people", childish, football
> hooligans, on benefits, knuckle
> draggers, retards, pathetic
> wasters, "squat"ters, arsewipe,
> waster scum, get a fucking life

And there I was, thinking that not all cops are full of prejudice and hate...silly me.

Of course, none of you let this get in the way of your job and affect your professional judgement!!

I feel safe and reassured by the depth of your thinking, and your kneejerk 'responses'.

Gitboy said...

Cops deserve their money for dealing with the people like you. You'd soon be on the phone if your house was burgled or bike/car stolen

But only because the insurance would insist on it - it's not as if the lazy-arsed morons in blue would actually do anything about it. No money in it.

jobless and not claiming said...

a little off subject, but i really object to the assumption that being unemployed makes you worthless.
1. its not necessarily some thing that people choose
2. that you aren't paid doesn't mean that what you accomplish has no worth
... anyway...

Anonymous said...

I am not an activist, nor am I a member of the police force. But the reaction of the police to this expression of views scares me somewhat. Our society has been able to evolve due to the presence of forward thinking people, the repression of anyone is a step towards the past. The language that the police posters use here implies that they are short tempered and liable to bias (and often unjustified) views, surely qualities that a law official should be free from. The police are a tool of the government, and the government is there to represent the public. Am I now considered a jobless waster because I don't completely agree with police surveillence?

Anonymous said...

Cop photographers in uniforms are put in as distractions to divert attention from the real photographers working covertly in the crowd with hidden cameras. The best evidence gatherers are deep undercover - possibly even one of your own inner circle? Trust no-one.

a pc said...

I am the PC. I hunt the comments fields and leave comments. I wear a blue Hi vis jacket, I wear riot kit, I eat bacon sarnies. I love it when Anarchists mobilise and form a plan....I soooo want to help, I loved OP Harwood, that lady who glued herself to a door. Classic! Anyway, you lefties go on now and slag us of and in turn we will keep policing you and winning. Next time you are on a demo start chanting "Help us PC comment " and I will reveal myself to you all (and no I am not an mentalist)

Anonymous said...

'PC Comment'
I have sent this blog to The Home Secretary.

I hope your boss will be able to find you and make bacon sarnies out of you.

You need retraining at least...

Anonymous said...

From the posts here it appears the police are just Traffic Wardens with extra training, too stupid to get a job in the real pigs on the gravy train...

And the pro-FitWatch posts, with the exception of a few angry outbursts, seem more intelligent and have a good point to make about the current abuse of power by the police like filming protesters as a form of social control and harassment.
And we'll have SUS back again soon.
And all this under NewLabour. Shame on you...

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

News Station Investigation: A Vice Cop's Vice

Last Edited: Monday, 11 Feb 2008, 10:30 PM CST
Created: Monday, 11 Feb 2008, 6:25 PM CST

. SideBar

Related Items

News Station Investigations Archive

By Paul Adrian
FOX 4 News

We'll call her “Chloe,” although she used a different name when she was briefly a high dollar “working girl" in Dallas. She told her story to Police, Prosecutors, The Texas Attorney General and the FBI.

Every detail is recorded in a police case file.

"He was already at my gate and I allowed him to come in," “Chloe” told FOX 4 News.

Now, it's your turn to hear her story. She was a part-time nursing student, part-time prostitute, who advertised as an escort on an adult web site.

In a sworn statement given to police years later, “Chloe” told the story of meeting Charles Avery at her apartment in Farmer's Branch on a December afternoon in 2004.

"He talked to me for a while. I led him back to the bedroom,” “Chloe” said. “I made him take all his clothes off." She says Avery paid her and they had sex. Then she said, “He whispered 'I'm a police officer.’”

In her statement, she says Avery told her there were other Dallas vice cops outside and he'd have to let them into the apartment.

“I got my clothes on fast,” “Chloe” said, “and threw his money back to him.” She says the detective promised everything would be okay. “He said no worries I wasn't going to be arrested. Just play along with the game."

“Chloe” would later tell public integrity detectives that Avery even helped get rid of her marijuana by flushing it

The five officers who entered the apartment gave sworn statements. One reports Avery saying he, "received permission to release the suspect... pending an at-large case filing."

At large, because the DPD cops were not in Dallas, they were next door in Farmer's Branch.

“Chloe” says she soon heard from Detective Avery again and not because he was working her case.

In a taped phone call, Charles Avery asked, "Am I interrupting anything?"

As an insurance policy, “Chloe” taped his calls, which years later the public integrity detectives reviewed as part of their investigation.

"I'd hate being a cop,” “Chloe” told Avery on one call he made to her. “All those prisoners would work my nerves."

Avery responded, "Yeah, you just get used to it after awhile."

“Chloe” said, "Unless you have to keep arresting people like me because it'd be like, God, she's such a delight."

"Hmmm,” Avery said and then asked, “I didn't know if you were up for some company in awhile? But I was going to leave that up to you."

'“Chloe,” worried that she might still be under investigation, asked, "So you're not going to come over here and bust me are you?"

"I'm not doing anything like that at all,” Avery responded, “It's just me." "Alright,” “Chloe” purred.

"Ok," affirmed Avery.

But “Chloe” warned the officer, "Don't you come over here scoping out like this is next hot item on the list at the police department."

"Nope," Avery promised.

Timesheet records show Avery was on-duty when he visited “Chloe” that Friday in January 2005.

Afterwards, she dutifully notated what happened on her tape recorder, “Detective Avery and I had sex on January 21st, 2005 at twelve o'clock noon on a Friday. He came over and got a little something, something."

On the next recorded call, “Chloe” and Avery relived the experience.

"I totally was blushing," “Chloe” told the officer.

"Well you got undressed pretty quick," the detective responded.

She asked, "You've seen me naked before, so why not?"

He answered, "Not that much up close."

'“Chloe”' says she played along because the detective gave her a way to avoid prosecution.

“I had no other choice, but to go along with him,” “Chloe” told FOX 4, “because I didn't want that charge on my record." She eventually made the same comment in her sworn statement to public integrity.

Avery repeatedly promised “Chloe” on the taped phone calls that she didn't have to worry about her arrest.

On one call, Avery said, “Remember the stuff between you and I is gone."

"That, I feel very secure about," said “Chloe.”

"That doesn't exist," Avery promised.

“Chloe” said, "I feel secure about that."

But she kept worrying and when the detective didn't contact her for several days, '“Chloe”' left him a series of voicemail messages. In one, she asked the cop what his intentions were with her, “I just wanted to know because you're a cop and you leave me in the dark and scared and you hurt my feelings... and I don't know what to do."

When the detective called back, '“Chloe”' sounded suicidal.

"Hello," “Chloe” sleepily answered the phone.

The detective said her name and she responded, “Yeah?”

He identified himself as, "Charles,” and asked, “Are you okay?"

"I'm sleepy... I just took a lot of pills,” “Chloe” confided. “I'm sad and depressed... and I'm afraid I'm going to go to jail."

'“Chloe”' told Avery she'd taken a lot of Valium the night before.

She cried on the phone, “It's embarrassing the way I met you... It's totally not the person I am. I'm trying my best."

Avery repeated in the taped conversation that he had gotten rid of her case.

"The case had to go through our legal department and over to the DA's office,” he said. “It didn't make it out of this office and it's not going to, I don't care how many times people tell you I've got two years to file.”

But in the same phone call, Avery said he wasn't happy about her voicemails

"I really thought I should go down and give them to the grand jury, but I'm going to go back through and delete them, because I was pissed,” he said. “I was really upset hearing all that stuff."

“Chloe”' was shocked.

"I didn't threaten your job, I didn't threaten your family, I didn't threaten your well being," she said.

"No, it doesn't matter," said Avery.

"So I can't have a temper?” “Chloe” questioned. “I can't have freedom of speech that you disappointed me like if I was dating you like any other guy that did that to me, I would have never spoken to you again, I wouldn't have given you time of day"

"No,” Avery sternly warned on the taped call, “there's another offense called terroristic threat or phone harassment or something like that, that can easily be turned into another offense."

'“Chloe”' says she was afraid to end the relationship, which in her sworn statement, she says lasted another three years. She told FOX 4, “He called me on a daily basis four or five times. He would check in, clock in on his beat, and then come over and visit me."

In early 2005, attorney David Finn represented '“Chloe”' in an unrelated matter, which we’ll describe more fully later in the story.

She told him about Avery. He urged her to report the officer, but she refused. Without her permission, he couldn't do anything, but believed this might be a crime called official oppression.

"In that position, he's got the badge, he's got the gun, and he’s got the position of authority.” Finn said. “She's more or less at his mercy."

In October 2007, detective notes show another escort tipped off Dallas cops about Avery and “Chloe.” Public Integrity officers showed up at '“Chloe's” home. They collected 22 microcassette tapes, and also a used condom, towels and a toothbrush, which she claimed would prove they had sex.

“Whether you argue there was special consideration given to her or she was a victim of official oppression,” Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle said, “either part of this situation is obviously unacceptable.

Police presented the case to the Dallas County DA's Public Integrity Chief, Kim Judin. She interviewed “Chloe,” but decided not to prosecute.

She told police the evidence was insufficient, the victim was not credible, and criminal intent was not present.

Neither Judin nor her boss, DA Craig Watkins, will talk.

Chief Kunkle said, "I believe we did everything we could to make sure all this information was given to the District Attorney's office."

Police notes show Avery refused to be interviewed by detectives and resigned in January, before Internal Affairs completed its investigation.

That means neither I.A. nor Public Integrity detectives tested the authenticity of the taped conversations or tried to match Avery to the physical evidence.

The officer received no discipline and no prosecution.

His attorney says the former detective won't talk to us either.

So is that the end of the story?


“I do know that the FBI is very interested in this," David Finn told FOX 4.

After local prosecutors passed on the case, '“Chloe”' complained to the Texas Attorney General who pointed her to the FBI.

She sent the federal agents a complaint and got a response.

Finn, who is a former federal prosecutor, says agents asked him to collect all the evidence from DPD, the tapes and box of material “Chloe” produced and turn it over to them.

“They've informed me the protocol on cases involving police officers or public servants involves transmitting information to Justice in Washington DC and then they are given either a green light of a red light whether or not to proceed,” Finn said. “Main justice has given Dallas FBI tentative approval to go ahead and pursue this. So, they've green lighted this."

Surprisingly, the complaint doesn't involve just one police officer.

Finn said, “Just when you think you've seen and heard it all there's more..."

When “Chloe” filed her complaint with the FBI about Detective Avery, she also reported relationships she had had with two other officers. One was Carrollton police officer Joe Flores. She met him just a few days after Avery's first visit in late 2004 and taped him too. Like the Avery tapes, she gave them first to Dallas Police, then the FBI.

"So what time are you wanting to get together?" Chloe asked on a taped call.

"Oh,” Officer Joe Flores responded, “how's about 8:30?"

In “Chloe’s” complaint to the Attorney General and the FBI, She says she met Officer Flores after someone torched her car.

She'd gotten into a fight because she was upset her dog came out of a grooming parlor with cuts through the skin.

She got busted. When she came back and found her burned car, she called Carrollton police. Officer Flores responded.

Flores told FOX 4 he did not have an affair with “Chloe,” but he sure sounded friendly on the tape, which, like Avery’s tape, has not been tested for accuracy.

"Oh, that's fine,” Chloe said about meeting at 8:30. “Let's see. What are you going to be wearing?"

Flores said "What would you like for me to wear?"

"Oh I don't know,” said “Chloe.” “I was just wanted to know how to dress?"

"Dressy," said Flores on the taped call.

David Finn originally represented “Chloe” in the dog fight case. He knew about Avery, but only recently learned about Flores.

He told FOX 4, “I think a good defense attorney could make good use of all of this.”

In another taped conversation recorded several months after “Chloe” met Flores, it sounds like things weren't going so well.

"I just felt, no offense, nothing against you or anything,” Flores said on the taped call. “I just felt guilty."

"It’s no big deal,” Chloe said a few seconds later. “Its not like I'm turning you’re a** in to Internal Affairs or anything like that, so don't worry."

Flores said, "I know."

But she did report him. In April 2006, the officer retired under investigation for what his department called, "less than honorable reasons," on the separation report it provided to the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement.

But wait! There's more.

Before either Flores or Avery, there was another cop in her life, this one from Irving, named Officer Don Innes.

She says she met him at a “Stop-and-Go.”

In her FBI complaint, she explained that when he heard about a problem she had with her then-husband, Officer Innes got involved.

"He kind of took it upon himself to drive to Love Field and shoot bullet holes in my husband’s car," “Chloe” told FOX 4.

A 2003 Irving Internal Affairs investigation shows “Chloe” reported the shooting and accused Innes of sexually assaulting her.

Irving PD found the vehicle was, "in fact shot with a pistol," but couldn't prove the assault.

The officer was eventually indefinitely suspended for "untruthfulness and insubordination."

Innes resigned and is currently working as an officer in Argyle, Texas.

He has not returned our calls.

So, although “Chloe's” three cops all quit, no one was prosecuted.

“Chloe,” however, still faces charges because of the dog fight. She left the state because she says she's afraid, but she'll be back to stand trial this spring.

When she returns, though, she won’t face prostitution charges. The calls with Officer Avery make that crystal clear.

“What did you do with my picture that was at the police department at one time, did you burn it?" Chloe asked on one taped call.

"Oh it's totally gone,” Avery promised. “All of that stuff has been shredded."

"Oh good," said “Chloe.”

She doesn't expect to have any problems, either. Chloe says her days of working as a prostitute are all behind her.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Is this blog about FITNESS and the many many cops that aren't. Why is this girl posting stuff about being a call girl and messing around with cops. It sounds like she is the bad guy not the cops but does it belong here? Am I the only one confused? Why are we are having to read her self made drama? NOT INTERESTED! Yawn, boring. She needs to be bitch slapped for causing so much trouble but other then that, who cares? Not me! I like to make fun of FAT COPS. This girl is just bringing down the page. Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

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