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Saturday, 12 January 2008

Profiling the Police

In preperation for our overt surveillance presence at the police march, we think it's about time we started our own profiles of the FIT. The FIT are constantly collecting profile information about us, including friends, the ways in which we respond to different situations, what winds us up, makes us upset and how they can get to us.

It's time we reveresed the tactics and compiled our own information resources on what makes these cops tick.

Any information will be gratefully received and used for Fit Watch briefings. Whilst we are happy to receive any information, we are always particularly interested in information on our old favourites such as Discombe, Skivens, Wettone, Knowles, Pritchard and all the photographers.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this site. Highly neccesary. You are heros.

Scud East said...

All our favourites? Don't forget perjurers Palfrey (EK127) and Chalk. Nor weaselly DM73 and his blonde accomplice XB312.

Anonymous said...

Great idea - processing personal data!
I'll get the kettle on in to make a cup of tea for the arresting officers!

Anonymous said...

God bless you all - it makes me happy to see that pointless eccentricity is not dead in the UK. You'll all really have something to boast about to your grandchildren won't you, ha ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Get real jobs you unwashed hippies instead of chucking bricks at houses belonging to people who work for a company that supplies a company that supplies Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Stop protesting against things that the MAJORITY of people in this country want and need and fuck off to Iraq, do something useful and strap yourself onto one of our tanks as an extra layer of armour or something.

Anonymous said...

i am an unwashed hippy, but i strongly object to you lumping me in with the wild eyed, mentally impaired half wits who run this site. i may be unwashed and a hippy, but i obey the law, work, pay my taxes and generally have a life. SO i will try and get this brainless lot to organise a protest march in London in support of unwashed hippies. i am sure they will fall for it as they protest about everything else.

Anonymous said...

You couldn't even be bothered to turn up what a bunch of losers!!!!

Anonymous said...

I bet you work as a policeman or something.

fighting fit said...

All these cop spammers - we must be doing something right to wind them up this much. Unless of course they really have nothing better to do...

Anonymous said...

Yeh Majority of people believe in war,oil companies & global warming, privatisation of nhs etc,yeesssssss? Any prowar cop spammers,why dont you join some of the American Marine squads raping& killing children in Iraq & Afghanistan. Whilst your corporate bosses plan to replace you with robots like the UAV fighter bombers now being used in the middle east oil holocaust now too.
To any cops reading did you really join the force to support this & then not even get promised wage raises?
If dodgy corporate"skynet",matrix goes active in bad way you would be taken out by the drones first & should be on the frontline protesting together with us

Shocking that police federation leaders allowed the bnp in name of "democracy" but not someone keeping a eye on fit watch who were there to march.
Great action stopping march for abit & hopefully making it think, I thought idea though was to poke fun at fit watch not the rank & file who came to london, activists do take details of bad coppers when we can.
Many police there were probably not met the most politically used force in London, miners strike etc who we often face. Space Hijackers seemed to take mick out of what the real Fit watch do successfully & raise smiles from the ranks.
Tactically we can get some solidarity with the good police & government"as zapatistas say by taking the piss out of corporate government more than taking the piss out of them, many of whom genuinely do the job for communities.
As many radical grannies used to say including my own who got her family through nazi & soviet occupied Poland & then a siberian slave camp, make em laugh, it is the best protest technique in the world, it disarms prejudice & gives us a better chance for revolution