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Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Fit Watch Prop for police march

Metropolitan Police Service

New Scotland Yard


LondonSW1H 0BG

020 7230 1212

Dear Sir/Madam
Under Section 14 of the Public Order Act 1986, we are imposing conditions on this demonstration.

Whilst we respect your right to peacefully demonstrate, we fear that due to the nature of this protest, there is a risk of public disorder.

We have provided you with a pen in which you are welcome to continue your demonstration. It is a little out of the way, and of no significance to what you're protesting about, but we are committed to facilitating peaceful protest.

Should you fail to comply, you will make yourself liable to arrest, and reasonable force may be used against you (kicking, punching, pressure pointing, asps, cs gas etc).

Come along, move along now. Be sensible. We don't understand why you have to be so difficult. You're not achieving anything by this behaviour. Go and stand in the pen and you can protest all day. Remain here, and you will be arrested, and who will see your protest then?

Alternatively, we will let you leave the area one at a time, but not until you've been searched, had your photograph taken and given us your name and address for our ever expanding database.

Yours faithfully,
Fit Watch

“It is a striking historical peculiarity that allows police to enjoy broad popular support, and even think of themselves as heroes, when it used to be that they were well known as scum and lackeys of the ruling class.”
How Nonviolence Protects the State
Peter Gelderloos


Anonymous said...

So, out of curiosity, what number do you ring if you get burgled, if you're in a car accident or you get assaulted by a group of mindless youths on a shopping precinct?

Who's DNA and fingerprint database is used to identify and help catch the monster who rapes your girlfriend, and who's ANPR cameras are used to help find your stolen car?
Not all cops police protests, most of us do all of the above in an attempt to keep people like you safe.
Bunch of bloody hypocrites the lot of you.

Anonymous said...

This site, anonymous, is not protesting against Police who actually act to arrest and prevent criminality. It is against the criminal and repressive behaviour of Police against people of conscience in this country. I suggest to you, that the hypocrisy lies with a Police force which is supposed to catch criminals, taking orders and direction from a bunch of war-criminals who have perpetrated the pre-eminent crime of a war of aggression, resulting in a million or so deaths. What does yer notebook say about that little lot?

Innocent Dave said...

Lemme see... there's the time I was mugged at gunpoint in front of five witnesses, the police got called, and they took a statement and then just didn't follow it up.

Then the time our house got burgled and the cops didn't want to know.

The time my colleague's car got stolen, he rang up the cops, and they rang back a week later to ask if he'd found it yet.

The time I lost my house keys and had to break into my house repeatedly until my housemate came back with a spare two days later, and I later found out my neighbour (who didn't know me at the time) had called the police three times, but they didn't even come out.

And so on. You guys aren't fooling us anymore. We know you don't stop crime. I've stopped using the cops and taken steps to protect myself and others, and it's been working a lot better. Now the only time I need to worry when I'm out and about is when a group of thugs in hi-vis jump me...

si said...

The brutal corruption within the police force makes it so that we, the people, can actually see that there is much better ways to stay safe in society without calling out the police.

When I got beaten up, walking to the bus station in the nearby town after being rejected getting into a gig because it was full - the police took my statement and did nothing to attempt to create any kind of safety in that area. I've heard about many people being beaten up there since - I get frequently told of people being beaten up at the bus station and even stabbed. The only time I really ever see the police around is when they're protecting some type of corporation; be it HMV, a supermarket, or a chain torture-supporting clothing store.

We don't want to be constantly serveilled, we never voted for that. We protested against it.
We want a sense of community back, without fear of being closed down by the police.